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Social Phobia
The World - wide Organization of the Health (the WHO) is outstanding the problematic one which they present / display many people who see affected their quality of life because of a disease, call social phobia that is growing much in the present society and that it has to do with the fear to be related to the others.

Obvious this disease, that it affects to million people in the world, has its origin in the insecurity and the low self - esteem, but what it worries in truth, they are the risk factors that take to develop it and the form as they can be prepared and be avoided, since they have much to do with the violence and the stress, that day to day are trasforman partly of the style of life of many people, families and communities.

The people who suffer it worry too much or they shake before the presence of the others. They suffer of a type of "paranoia", that makes them feel that all are pending of them and their errors, reason why gives fear to speak, to make a work, to go to the bank or until a a public bath them, which them cause much shame and fear.

The people who suffer this disease, have difficulty to be in the social school, work, meetings and they cannot coexist suitably, which is affecting its mental health of alarming form, since they go away isolated of everything and all and leave activities that before made them feel or or they liked to do.

Between the symptoms and signs of this disease they are:

having fear to do or to say something that causes shame before the others.

having fear to be mistaken and to commit errors before the others and to being judged or being seen when this happens.

letting do or say something that is wanted to do, by fear to the failure or the critic.

the to be shamed fear and deceived by the others.

the anguish to know somebody and the fear not pleasing to him.

the fear before the changes, expressed in anguish, insomnia, isolation and deep sadness.

the absolute dependency before another person, of fear to lose it, although is not in favor in agreement with its interests and pleasures.

feeling sonrojo, sudación, tremors or nauseas before and during some event with unknown people.

To pretend some disease or to put pretexts not to attend social meetings, events or to the school or work, mainly when there is the possibility of speaking in public.

Often these people usually develop some addiction as the consumption of spirits or other drugs that allow them to disinhibit themselves momentarily, generating therefore a serious additional problem and the majority think that its fear is part of its form to be, reason why do not think that they can avoid it.

The social phobia begins generally from the childhood or adolescence and is commonest in the women than in the men. It is considered that one of the factors can be the inheritance.

This disease like all, can be dealt suitably by a psychotherapist and with it to restore a social life with quality. The treatment sometimes requires of medicines, that little by little will be having desired effect and of therapy sessions that help to recover the self - confidence.

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