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For our society, our family and we ourself, to be a person worker are a virtue very appreciated. Nevertheless, for many workers, more and more, its work goes beyond a way to gain the life or to be made professionally: it is an addiction that causes personal problems, familiar, social and until labor serious.

Although the trabajólico, or person who lives to work, has always existed, as of the years ochentas began to be catalogued like patients, given the repercussions in her personal life and its integral health.

This problem that mainly affected the men, now also has extended between the women and is so serious, that it calculates that more of 20% of the population world - wide worker presents / displays this addiction. In Mexico - according to data of the National Institute of Geographic Statistic and Informa'tica (INEGI) of the little than 440, 000 deaths happened more in 1997, 42, 000 were by infarcts, one of whose detonating it was the obsession by the work.

Between the risk factors that lead to this addiction they can name.

the familiar pressures economic and the fear to lose the work.

the enormous competitiveness that exists in the labor market, in where more the one is valued than it leaves everything it by the work, that the one that fulfills its established schedule and already.

the strong necessity to obtain to the success and the wished position.

the incapacity to refuse before a head on requests that can be well posponed for the following day.

the fear to the heads, when these are prepotent, exaggerated demanding and threatens constantly to the person losing their use.

the lack or bad organization, that allows to the accumulation and supersaturation of the work.

the familiar atmosphere that focuses more to the disintegration and to the familiar problems that "force" many people not to want to arrive at their house.

the excessive ambition by the power, prestige or the possessions.

the incapacity to establish priorities.

the lack of personal affection that are replaced with the work.

the familiar education that imposes the men mainly, covering with the supplier roll of its family.

the pressure of many women whose goal is to only remove ahead to the children and daughters.

the pressure of the society so that the children are independent.

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