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The blood has like main function the one to transport oxygen and the nutritious substances by all the body so that they arrive at each one from the cells, weaves and organs that conform it.

The function of the heart that is a very powerful muscle, consists of receiving and to impel blood towards all the organism with the purpose of satisfying its necessities with oxygen and nutrimentos, for it, this so powerful muscle, that it never rests, pumps 60 normally mml. of blood in each beat and these they are repeated between 70 and 75 per minute.

The insufficiency cardiac is one of the suffering that causes greater amount of deaths in the world. It can affect more to men than to women and has much to do the race, the place in where it is lived, the socioeconomic level and the education. With the age it is accentuated a problem that in general begins around the 45 years and its incidence increases with the age outpost.

The insufficiency cardiac is a serious syndrome, that must be taken care of on time, is generally progressive and irreversible and if it does not treat on time, finally mortal and it can be complicated much with any other problem of the heart or other diseases. It is the first cause of hospitalization in greater people and causes sudden death in many people who suffer it and who in many occasions do not present / display any symptom.

Is defined it as the set of resulting anomalies when the heart is incapable to pump a volume of blood sufficient to cover the necessities with the organism and it takes place generally by a fault in the contraction of the muscle cardiac. This causes among other things, that as the disease advances, the blood that in normal conditions would pump the heart is accumulated in the lungs.

The person who suffers insufficiency cardiac, has minor quality of life, greater necessity of medical attention and specialized medicines to control the problem.

The specialists indicate between their possible causes having narrow coronary arteries, the damaged muscle cardiac, the defective valves cardiac, arterial hypertension or antecedents of an attack to the heart or a congenital cardiopathy.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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