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Arterial hypertension.

Persistent increase of the pressure in the arteries.

One or both components of the arterial tension (the systolic tension or Maxima, that when coming out informs into the pressure of the heart and the diastólica or minimum tension to us, that informs to us into the pressure in the glasses of the corporal periphery) estan increased.

She is one of the most important causes of problems of health in the western world.


If an suitable control is obtained, the hypertension reduces neither to the duration nor the quality of the life.

Badly a control of the same one yes reduces them.


The arterial hypertension is one of the more outstanding factors of risk in the problems vasculares:

infarct cardiac and congestivo failure cardiac.

embolia cerebral (ACV)

edema pulmonary.

renal failure.

affectation of the retina with loss of vision, and even blindness.

Diagnosis and treatment.


The diagnosis is made by means of the taking of the arterial tension of suitable form (three takings in a month, having remained the patient in rest before each taking at least five minutes)

Once diagnosed, the suitable tests will be made to discard some disease that causes by means of general exploration and analysis of blood and tinkles.

Once discarded some cause for the same one, the affectation will be due to study that has been able to produce before its diagnosis, by means of:

thorax x - rays.

ECG (electrocardiogram)

study of the small blood vessels by means of the examination of the eye bottom.

Finally, other factors must look for that increase the risk of complications, like Diabetes mellitus or hiperlipemias (high cholesterol)


He is essential in the treatment:

to let smoke.

to let drink alcohol.

to radically change of life style, avoiding stress.

To learn to take the tension and to do it every day can help us to improve the control of the tension. Medication.

The antihypertensive medication is forced, if dietetic the general measures and hygienic are not able to standardize the tension (what they do in a great number of cases if they are made conscientiously)

Not to take anti - flu, anticatarrhal or decongestant medication without consent of its doctor.


Daily moderate exercise.


Animal poor man greasy.

Little salt.

To avoid the coffee and other drinks with caffein.

To avoid the alcohol.

With this disease it is advised to follow the following diets:

Poor diet in "ample" salt.

Poor diet in strict salt.


The treatment successfully of some of the diseases that produce hypertension can avoid it.

Special attention to the people with very positive familiar history is due to render.

The early treatment of the enferemdad avoids serious complications.


In most of the cases it is not known.

In, approximately 5 % of the cases, are secondary a:

chronic renal insufficiency.

renales and suprarrenales diseases.

endocrinos disorders and tumors.


diseases of the arteries (arteritis)

limitation (collapse) of the aorta.

Signs and symptoms.

The high tension does not produce, by itself, clinic.

This one comes caused by its complications:



Confusion or loss of sensitivity in extremities, by the cerebral affectation.

Cough sanguinolenta or shortening of the breathing, by the affectation of the lungs.

Nasal hemorrhages.

Whip stalls of vision.

Failure of the kidneys, etc. by the affectation of the circulation to the respective organs.

Factors of risk.

Age superior to 60 years.





Stimulating excess of coffee or drinks (with caffein)

Greasy and / or very salty diets.

Sedentary life.

Familiar history of infarct or hypertension.

Medicine use certain:

contraceptive pills.


suppresors of the appetite.

nasal decongestants.

High levels of cholesterol or of lipids.

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