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Tumors of mouth and language.

Abnormal excrescence in the mouth or the language, that does not extend to other parts of the body. The benign forms usually grow slowly throughout 2 to 6 years.

Adults of more than 60 years.


It is cured with surgery to extirpate it.

The face aspect usually can recover with plastic surgery.

A treatment with radiations can be necessary after the surgery.

To call to the doctor if.

It happens the following thing after the surgery:


The operated zone bleeds.

It has unbearable pains.

They appear new inexplicable symptoms.

The used medication can produce indirect effect.

Diagnosis and treatment.

Sanitary precautions.

Medical or dental treatment.

Car taken care of after the diagnosis.

Surgery to extirpate the tumor.

I diagnose.

Its own observation of the symptoms.

Medical file and physical examination by a doctor.

Biopsy of the tumor.

General measures.

After operating, the mouth enjuáguese 3 or 4 times to the day with a tranquilizing water solution and salt.


In slight annoyances, it can use medicines without prescription, like paracetamol or metamizol.

If one becomes infected, his doctor will be able to prescribe to him antibiotic.

The anticancerous medicines are little useful.


There are no restrictions.


There is no special diet after the treatment.

It is possible to be needed a liquid diet days after the operation.


Cancerous change in the tumor (it does not frequent)

Hemorrhages of the tumor.

Infection in the tumor.

Factors of risk.

The tobacco.

The sets of teeth that fit bad.


It does not smoke nor it chews tobacco.

Visit the dentist for annual revisions and if its set of teeth does not fit well.


Strangers, although are more frequent in people than he smokes cigarettes, pure or pipes, or chews tobacco or I shaved.

Signs and symptoms.

A bulk anywhere of the mouth or the language, with the following characteristics:

It can be ulcerar and bleed.

It can bother to fit the false teeth.

It can make difficult to the speech or the swallowing.

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