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The acute renal insufficiency, is a suffering that appears mainly in greater people, mainly men and takes place as a result of an abrupt diminution or loss of the function of or the kidneys.

It arises due to anatomical changes or by deterioration of some functions that they have to do with the production of tinkles and its elimination, as the adapted contribution of blood and the functionality of vejiga, uretra and uretéros.

Depending on the origin of the damage, the acute renal insufficiency can be:

Prerrenal, when there is a diminution in the contribution of blood to the kidneys and this problem can be by: a hemorrhage or cardiovascular disease.

Renal, when the kidneys have been injured by injuries by obstruction of a renal artery, inflammation, infection or injury by some toxic substance.

Póstrenla, that appears when there is an obstacle that prevents the exit of tinkles it, like a calculation, clot or by hipertrofia of the prostate that compresses uretra.

In the this case, most characteristic it is the diminution of the volume of tinkles, which can be caused by a glomerulonefritis, although in some cases the micción can be normal or to even be increased. In order to confirm the diagnosis, the doctor can order a urocultivo and analysis of tinkles and blood to measure the levels of urea and creatinina.

One of the main complications, is the water retention and salts like sodium, potassium, chlorine and calcium, which produces an increase of the volume of circulating blood, that can be a desencadentante factor of insufficiency cardiac, accumulation of liquids in lung and other parts of the body and sometimes of arterial hypertension.

When the potassium accumulation is intense they appear arrhythmias that can take to cardiac unemployment and if the urea increases considerably, appear hematológicas alterations like anemia by destruction of red globules, sanguineous loss or by dilution of the blood by accumulation of liquids. Also they can appear upheavals in the coagulation, pronouncing itself by the appearance of hematomas and hemorrhages by little important reasons.

The treatment, is due to base on the risk factors that take to the development of the problem so that the volume of circulating blood recovers and the greater deterioration of the kidneys is avoided.

Later diuréticos are used, to increase to the renal circulation and the production of it tinkles and after it maintains a control to maintain the balance between the entrance and exit of corporal liquids. In many occasions dialyses will practice.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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