Head injury (TCE)

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Head injury (TCE)
Craneoencefálico Traumatismo (TCE)

Injury in the head with or without loss of knowledge or other visible signs.


It affects to both sexes any age.


It depends much on the extension of the damages;

Usually one cures with precocious diagnosis of the signals of danger and medical treatment.

The complications can be fatal or to cause a permanent discapacidad.


Hemorrhage under the skull (subdural hemorrhage and hematoma)

Hemorrhage in the brain.

Injuries medulares or bulbares.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor after any blow in the head.

Analysis of blood and the cerebroespinal liquid.

X - rayses of the skull and the neck.

TAC or R. M. N. of the head and neck.


Medical treatment.

Hospitalization for observation when the signs and symptoms are serious.

It can require to operate.

General measures.

The importance of the injury can be determined only after a careful recognition and observation.

After the medical examination, the affected person can be sent to house, whenever she has somebody person in charge to take care of her and to control the gravity of the symptoms.

The first 24 hours after the injury are critics, although they can appear serious consequences later.

If you are controlling the patient, despiértele every 2 hours throughout 24 hours or according to orders the doctor.

Call immediately to the doctor if it cannot wake up or alert to the patient.

Infórmele also of anyone of the following thing:

Pupils of different sizes or forms.


Manifest restlessness.

Severe headache that persists after 4 hours of happened the injury.



It does not administer to NINGUN medicine, not even paracetamol or aspirin, until a diagnosis has settled down.


The patient must remain in the bed until the doctor decides that he has passed the danger.

Then the normal activities can be started again as they improve the symptoms.


Total liquid until it has passed the danger.

Warn its medico if.


If it leads, it does not drink or it consumes drugs that alter the mind.

Take protection in the head for the sports of contact, motorcycling and cycling.

In the car, it uses the lap belt.

In the car, it puts to the children in security seats.

Factors of risk.

Excessive alcohol consumption.

Reckless conduction.

Not to use obligatory means of protection (helmet for the motorists and lap belt for the motorists)

Sports of contact, mainly soccer and the boxing.

Convulsive diseases.



Most serious they cause the traffic accidents to them.

Signs and symptoms.

It depends on the importance of the traumatismo.

The presence or absence of inflammation in the zone of the blow does not bear relation to the importance from the traumatismo.

The signs and symptoms include anyone or all the following ones:

Sleepiness or confusion.

Vomits and nauseas.

Blurred vision.

Pupils of different size.

Loss of the knowledge (temporary or during long periods)

Amnesia or losses of memory.



If the skin is broken, hemorrhages in the hairy leather.

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