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Sport birthdays, weddings, baptisms, events, social celebrations mother countries, Christmas, pay days, Fridays, invitations, to conserve the friends, to flatter them, to demonstrate who we are, distress, timidity, insecurity, depression, emotional immaturity and social, inadaptabilidad to the medio. ambiente, inferiority complex, preoccupations, labor, loving or familiar deceptions, loss of a wanted being, divorce, familiar disorganization, economic lack of understanding of the parents, problems, ignorance of the effects, lack of occupation opportunities, erroneous publicity, predisposition to the alcoholism and many, many pretexts more, are used to consume spirits.

And it is that this call "nectar of the Gods", accompanies all type by event as if outside the special guest and not very often we reflected on the amount, frequency and the effects that in each one ingesting has alcohol, because last its effects, that by the way are very disagreeable) it seemed to be that they were forgotten for the next time, when there is a next time.

Every year, thousands of people die in Mexico and in the world, by diseases causes or related directly to the alcohol, near 75% of the road accidents their consumption and psychological upheavals are related to, violent deaths and suicides complete the list of the people affected by this addiction.

The alcoholism causes damages in all the scopes of the life, relative, social, labor or scholastic, fundamentally by the absenteeism, low productivity or by the violence that their effects generate, which obvious repels of negative form in the interpersonal relations.

The alcohol is one of the factors that are present in around 80% of the divorces and familiar disagreements, that enormously affect the quality of life and the development of the children and daughters.

The economic casualties that the alcoholism inflicts are enormous, by the lost productivity, the expenses in the treatments and the rehabilitation of the addict ones, by the waste of money in the homes and the contracted debts.

The alcoholism is a chronic disease that is characterized by the uncontrolled consumption, frequents and prolonged of spirits, which the same they come in form from beer, licores, table wines and others distilled and although the type of drink that interferes varies of a social class to, all they such have effects in the organism, the nervous system and the quality of life, when they are consumed of addictive form.

The alcohol is considered like a drug by the changes that it generates in the organism, as much physical as mental and mainly because its consumption generates dependency and tolerance.

Dependency, because an alcoholic person cannot live without the liquid and can be physical or psychological and tolerance, because the organism is asking for more and more amount so that the person such feels effects that when its consumption begins.

The patterns of abuse of the alcohol vary. Some people take daily, others only the week ends and some do not drink during several periods, but when they do it they can dedicate itself to drink per weeks or months.

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