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Herbaceous plant that thanks to the rhizome that has, in short dimensions, lively nature, persist year after year. Part of that stems rhizome, very upright and with several branches that lead to other side shoots.

In good growing conditions can reach just over meters in height. From leaves stalk are born with a long petiole which supports the road itself, this sheet is an example of nerviación palm, the name given to it in its structure recalls the shape of the human hand. They have up to seven lobes, but just above the leaves come to have a maximum of three.

The flowering occurs in the summer months, resulting in a burgundy colored flowers in a pretty pale, possessing large amount of hair and are of small size. Feature - like flowers of the rest of his family by owning a Corolla in formations that resemble two lips, being the top concave shape.

This particular name of the whole essence familia. Contiene in small quantities, as well as tannins, saponins, flavonoids and bitter glycosides, which are the most distinctive and for which this plant acquires cardiac properties. It should always be used with great caution, as directed by patterns of dose administration and the specialist will be notified in advance, as it has in its composition very active cardiac glycosides that must always be controlled to achieve the desired effect and to avoid others pests. It is used as a sedative in cases of dystonia neurovegetative as anxiety and insomnia. It is also a good anti which is often used in tachycardia and palpitations. It also applies as occitócico, favoring the evacuation of the uterus to stimulate myometrial contractions, which is used in situations metrorragias and menorrhagia. Always respecting the indications of the responsible medical treatment, we must also take into account the wealth of cardiac glycosides in each plant, as being a natural product of high activity can vary the contents of the same from one area to another area of cultivation And even vary with age and method of harvesting and extraction.

Infusion: This is prepared by adding two grams of powdered herb on a quarter - liter of water, previously boiled and hot, leaving him in contact for about ten minutes, after which is filtered preparation, the liquid can be obtained ingest in one or two shots.

Fluid extract: It will take twenty to thirty drops per day, added a half glass of water.

Sedative. Antiarrhytmic. Occitócico.

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