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It is a frequent disorder that is characterized by an unusually abundant or prolonged menstruation.

The average amount of lost blood during a normal period of menstruation is of 40 to 50ml; with menorragia, the woman can get to lose 80ml more or.

In rare occasions it denounces serious an underlying disorder.

Factors of risk.


Estrogen administration (without progesterone)

Young women who have still not settled down a cycle of regular ovulation.

Women next to the menopause.


Annual pelvic examinations including cytology.

Hormonal treatments balances.

Diagnosis and treatment.

The diagnosis is made by means of the inspection of the calendar, where the woman will point the duration of several consecutive rules.

Diagnósticas tests can be required special (for example, the test of pregnancy, the endometrial biopsy, the analyses of blood) to determine the cause of the bled one.

The treatment depends normally on the age of the patient, of if it wishes or not to have children and of any underlying disorder.

In case of use of a DIU, it considers the possibility of changing to another contraceptive method. An expansion (of cervix) and legrado can also be made (scraped of the uterus)

It can be necessary to resort to the histerectomía (extirpation of the uterus) in serious and persistent cases in which the fertility is not essential (to be able to have children)


A hormonal therapy can be prescribed to control the bled one.

Medicines can be prescribed to cut the hemorrhage.

If it has produced an anemia, martial therapy will be restored (iron supplements)


Anemia due to the loss of excessive blood.


It varies according to the cause of the bled one.

The patients with hormonal causes usually respond to the treatment well.


Hormonal imbalance (estrogens and progesterone)

Fibrosis or miomas (benign tumors) uterine.

Pelvic infection.

Endometrial disorder.




Tumor or cyst of ovary.

Other hormonal causes.

Signs and symptoms.

Excessive menstrual fluid (it varies enormously from a woman to another one) Duration of the menstruation superior to 7 days.

Great clots can be expelled from blood.

Pallor and fatigue (anemia)

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