DISORDERS of menstruation

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DISORDERS of menstruation
The menstruation, regulates or period, is a normal process in the all women who are consequence of a cycle that repeats generally every 28 days, it lasts between 3 to 5 days and initiates in the puberty more or less to the 10 years and finishes with the menopause around the 45 years.

One appears in bled form of and its origin it is the loosening of the endometrium, castrates sanguineous that forms to the interior of the uterus and that it has like object to allow the implantation of the fertilized ovum.

This normal process, is not a disease of the women, but a condition to be able to become pregnant, nevertheless in some women its appearance month with month, causes diverse problems and annoyances that when they are excessive, they require of a medical visit to discard additional problems.

For that reason and because each organism is different, it is very important that each woman knows well her cycle menstrual and knows to differentiate between this process and a problem that must be treated and be watched over a gynecologist.

A cycle is considered "normal" that lasts between 2 and 7 days and that appears between the 21 and 35 days. Outside these patterns it is possible to be considered that the woman has some upheaval of the menstrual cycle.

The upheavals of the menstrual cycle, can be divided in two great groups: those of the rate and those of the amount.

Between the upheavals of the rate they are: the oligomenorrea and the polimenorrea.

Between the upheavals of the amount, they are the hipermenorrea and the hipomenorrea.

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