Information about mineral

Sodium is an essential mineral in the body, that allows a osmosis system to control the fluids. One attends of potassium and magnesium for his better operation. This mineral account with a 40% of its weight in salt. For example: 1gramo (1000mg) of salt = 400mg sodium. A spoonful of salt has 6gramos (2400mg sodium)


Sodium, in collaboration with potassium, regulates the balance of the liquids. It contributes to the digestive process maintaining osmótica a pressure adapted. Finally, when acting inside the cells, it participates in the conduction of the nervous impulses.

Daily dose.

Our body needs so single 220mg of sodium under normal circumstances daily, which represents 1 / 10 spoonful of salt, 2 slices of bread or 2 rates of milk.


It is rare, but if one takes place is pronounced with dehydration, I navigate and low arterial pressure. It can have losses of sodium because of diarrea, vomit and an excessive sweating.


High sodium levels cause discharge arterial pressure, that in answer can cause risks of diseases of the kidney, diseases of the heart and hypertension.


Present in almost all foods like a natural ingredient or an ingredient added during the elaboration process. The main source is the salt of followed food table process, cheese, bread, cereals, meats and fished smokings, cured and in brine.

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