Information about mineral

The potassium is an essential electrolyte the growth and to foment the good health. One is in the cells.


The potassium power the activity of the kidney helping in the toxin elimination. Essential in the carbohydrate storage and its later conversion in energy. Aid to maintain a heart rate and a normal arterial pressure suitable. It is an essential mineral for the transmission of all the nervous impulses.

Daily dose.

Suggested dose is of 2. 000 to 3, 500mg / día.


Muscular weakness, fatigue, I navigate and confusion. Most of the diets they contain sufficient amount of potassium, although those that consume great amounts of coffee, salty alcohol or foods can reach certain potassium deficiency.


There are problems of no toxicity, safe in people with diseases of the kidney.


Vegetables of green leaf, fruit in general and potatoes.

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