Female Sexual Dysfunctions

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Female Sexual Dysfunctions
I do not have desire, do not want today, do not like, bother to me. These and other commentaries unfortunately are expressed by thousands of women, who by diverse reasons do not enjoy their relations sexual.

In order to consider that a problem becomes a sexual disfunción it needs that it is:

Of erótica nature, it is to say that it is related to desire, the excitation y / el orgasmo.

That is undesirable on the part of the woman.

That is recurrent and persistent the problem, since possibly by many reasons the predisposition to the sexual enjoyment and the relations can be lost.

That organic symptoms appear, emotional, psychological combined.

The origin of the feminine sexual disfunciones can be organic, mainly when problems of thyroids, hormonal, diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol appear additionally.

But also psychological when there are depression problems, anxiety, personality, sexual abuse and with a great weight also are the educative factor and cultural, since in many places it is continued thinking that the woman does not have right to the sexual benefit and that does, puts in doubt his morality, reason why many women, feel guilty, shame, ignorance and fear.

A sexual disfunción in general has its origin in several factors at the same time, reason why to identify the causes well is fundamental to give the suitable treatment so that all the women understand and make be worth their sexual rights, since they are part of his development and integral health, affect the relation and life in pair and even can get to be reason for strong depressions and diverse conjugal and familiar problems.

There are mainly four types of feminine sexual disfunciones: those of desire, those of the excitation, those of orgasmo and other that combine and affect of general form the expression of the sexuality.

They can appear from the beginning of the sexual life, reason why they are called primary, or they can appear after a person has lived her sexuality normally and suddenly she has problems in some or several of the mentioned aspects, reason why are called secondary.

The feminine sexual disfunciones, can be classified by their origin in:

Disfunciones or upheaval of the desire, between which they are hypoactive sexual desire, hyperactive sexual desire or the upheavals by aversion to sex.

Disfunciones or upheavals of the excitation.

Disfunciones or upheavals of orgasmo, like anorgasmia feminine.

Disfunciones sexual by pain, like dispareunia or the vaginismo.

Disfunciones sexual due to diseases, produced by medicines, use or consumption of drugs.

Disfunciones sexual psychological.

The sexual disfunciones prevent and damage the sexual, social life and of pair. They can appear of global form, or when the same woman touches her body or when she makes his pair; of partial form when the problems are generated with the pair, but of individual way yes it is managed to have to please or of selective form, when the problems only arise with some person, being very different the behavior, the attitudes and the effects with another person.

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