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Many women do not enjoy their sexual relations, because during them the moment of the penetration becomes a torture by the pain and the dissatisfaction that this moment leaves. This causes mainly that the pair begins to have difficulties, if is no a suitable communication and the understanding and tolerance to identify the together origin of the problem and to put a solution to him.

The painful sex or dispareunia is enough frequent in the women since it produces malaise and pain that can be from moderate, until preventing that the copula is made that is the complete penetration.

This problem can be presented / displayed at any time of the life, being more frequent at the beginning of the sexual relations, after a childbirth or during the menopause.

The first coital relation of many women is generally painful and very uncomfortable, since in some cases, when the hymen exists and is complete, their breakage added to a lack of adapted lubrication, to the stress of the moment and to many cultural questions that surround this moment, they do of her one of the most difficult moments.

But what it is not normal, it is that after some relations, in which one assumes that the vagina has adapted what facilitates the penetration, feels like pain during the sexual act and as this problem is frequent, the specialists analyze two types of causes that can originate the annoyances. One is the physics and in other cases the problem is emotional and psychological.

Between the physical causes that cause dispareunia are herpes vaginal, the vaginitis, the inflammatory pelvic disease, the endometriosis, in having the displaced or tipped uterus, the thinning of vaginal weaves, which happens after the menopause or during the lactancia.

Also it can be caused by an allergic reaction to the contraceptives, hormonal problems, a suturada bad episiotomía or the scar of an injury suffered during the childbirth.

Between the emotional factors that cause it are the displeasure to the sexual relations, the fear to a pregnancy, the fault, the salary undergone sexual abuse during the childhood, a repressive sexual education or the salary be victims of violation at any time of the life, even within the marriage, which usually is frequent.

The problem of not controlling it on time and identifying the cause to take care of it suitably, is that the fear and the sensations can induce the development of a vaginismo, that consists of showing contractions or involuntary espasmos of vaginal muscles, that make the penetration and with much more complicated it impossible the relation.

The important thing is to consult the doctor, to trust openly to him what it feels like and the fears, as well as the antecedents in the sexual life so that can give the suitable treatment, that in some cases also it will require of the psychological aid, depending on the origin.

IMPORTANT. The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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