Allergic rhinitis

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Allergic rhinitis
It is a disease caused by diverse environmental polluting agents like the dust, polen, smoke of the tobacco, acaruses and other elements.

It affects the nasal mucosa and it is pronounced by: estornudos, comezón, nasal obstruction, secretions and sometimes the lack of sense of smell. It is possible to be presented / displayed at any time of the year, but it is become serious during the spring, being confused with the fever of the hay, his symptoms are very persistent reason why the disease is very annoying.

There are several types of rinitis depending or not on the existence of inflammation or nasal obstruction.

The inflammatory rinitis, affects the membrane that covers the interior of the nose and it is pronounced by comezón, estornudos, secretions and nasal obstruction and to this group belongs:

the allergic rinitis.

the perennial rinitis that can be caused by fungi, animals or acaruses.

the aperiodic rinitis, caused by fungi, skin or hairs of animals or by used chemical substances in certain professions.

the seasonal rinitis, also well - known like fever of the hay and that is caused by polen.

eosinófila, neutrófila Are others like the rinitis, the hipertófica that is associated are sinusitis, the mastocitaria and atrófica. ocebna.

Another type is the caused ones by virales or bacterial infections.

The noninflammatory rinitis, are caused by alterations of the content of the blood vessels and they are pronounced in form of obstruction, very annoying because it prevents to breathe suitably. This type of rinitis can be:

Vasomotoras, that although does not know or its origin, is related to the daily nasal vasoconstrictores medicine use that is drops or inhalants.

Hormonal, generally during the pregnancy and like a secondary reaction to the hipertiroidismo.

Medicamentosa, as a secondary reaction to the use of antihypertensive, progesterone, vitamin A.

Environmental or physical, by the increase of cold or environmental humidity.

Mechanical, caused by the presence of strange bodies, deviations of the nasal partition, fractures of bone or tumors.

IMPORTANT. The content of the note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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