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Foreign body in the eye.

Is the entry into the eye of a tiny mote of metal, wood, stone, sand or other material.


Generally good, heal in four or five days.


A foreign body is introduced into the eye of an accidental, brought by air or delivered by abrasive or cutting tools (saws, stone grind,

Signs and symptoms.

Strong pain, irritation and redness in the eye.

Foreign bodies visible inside the eye (usually) Sometimes the foreign body is too small or is trapped under the eyelid and is invisible unless it is through the medical examination.

Blink and rubbing the eye.

Risk Factors.


Occupations or activities, such as carpentry or milling, in which small pieces of wood or other materials swarm through the air continually.


Use eye protection (goggles or protective) if your profession or hobby involves the risk of eye damage.

The glasses made of polycarbonate plastic lenses with a minimum thickness of 3 mm downtown and the protectors of industrial strength are considered the most protection.

Anyway, see the prospectus for choosing the most appropriate for each activity and always require the CE mark as a guarantee of quality.

Also use glasses for driving on a motorcycle or car.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


It was reealiza through the clinic and the inspection of the eye.

To assess the presence of injuries to the cornea caused by foreign body, the doctor:

You sleep with one eye drops.

He put a few drops or strips with a yellow dye (fluorescein)

Remove the excess serum.

The fluorescein was glued to his wounds, bringing the apparent.

This procedure can leave the eye tinged with yellow fluorescent, do not worry, it disappears in a day or two.

On rare occasions (eg metal bits) it must perform other tests such as x - rays or resonance (NMR)


The procedure to remove the foreign body will be determined by size, nature and location within the eye.

He will put a patch on the eye to keep the eye closed.

Will be performed by an appreciation in a day or two.

General measures.

Not rub your eyes.

Keep your eye closed, if possible, until you consider a doctor.

Do not try to drive yourself, ask someone else to take the doctor's office.



Antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection.

Ointments to encourage the closure of corneal wounds.

Eye drops of local anesthesia.

He may prescribe painkillers.



Infection, especially if the foreign body is not completely eliminated.

Serious and permanent visual damage caused by penetration into the internal layers of the eye.

Corneal wound with serious consequences if it is large or is not on time.

The nature of metallic foreign bodies can definitely stain the eye.

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