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The endometriosis is a problem that suffers around 15% of the women in fertile age, this can be since it begins to menstruar. It is characterized by the endometrial weave presence outside the uterine cavity.

Every month, when a woman has her period, the coating of the uterus, call endometrium, is disintegrated and eliminated with the menstrual flow.

When a woman has endometriosis, the type of weave that forms the coating of the uterus of some form moves or appears in other parts of the body and as it is not disintegrated and it eliminates because it is outside the uterus gradually forms cysts and scars in weaves of other organs, developing therefore a endometriosis.

This endometrial weave gets to grow outside the uterus, in areas in where it would not have to grow, generally in the surfaces of the organs located in pelvis and / or the abdomen and as it is not expelled or rejected from the body, as it happens in that to be developed within the uterus, can cause diverse problems like pain, bled local and infertility.

This ectópico weave that is that is located outside its normal site, is developed of form similar to which is located within the matrix or uterus, grows and descama during the menstruation, due to the influence of hormones causing diverse annoyances.

The weave is implanted and usually developed in organs like the ovaries, the tubes, the ligaments that maintain the uterus, the peritoneo, the appendix, the abdominal wall or on the internal or vejiga. In rare cases it can get to grow in the lungs or other parts of the body forming true networks of adhesions that cause pain and inflammation.

In fact, one does not know or what originates or causes the endometriosis, but the specialists think that she can be by:

the call "retrograde menstrual flow", in which part of the endometrial weave that is given off during the menstruation turns aside towards pelvis or other near organs.

Another cause could be the hereditary one or genetic, since many women whose mothers have suffered the same problem, are more prone to develop it.

Other hypotheses indicate that the disease is developed by a endocrino problem in which they are involved several glands, hormones and secretions of the body, but this is in study.

By mechanical factors like malformations in the feminine reproductive system.

One more a version, is than the immunological system plays a very important role when stimulating the endometriosis.

The endometriosis has been diagnosed in 30% of women who present / display pelvic pain and almost in 40% of which they have reproductive problems by means of the accomplishment of clinical studies.

Since other sufferings also cause pelvic pains, like the diseases of sexual transmission, the inflammatory pelvic disease (EPI) and the fibroides that are noncancerous tumors, it is very important the medical study to identify the problem well and to give the suitable solution him.

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