Recurrent Herpes

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Recurrent Herpes
Also known as labiales fires are very annoying injuries that leave in the lips and around the mouth, area that in addition to being very sensible, lacks sebaceous glands, reason why it is dried and "breaks" with extreme facility.

Usually they appear in group surrounded by a reddish ring and last between one and three weeks since first they fill of liquid, later they are covered with a scab, they are resecan and they disappeared.

Usually they appear most frequently during the season of cold, due to the abrupt changes of temperature, although there are people who them can suffer the year throughout. In some people usually they appear after an episode of high fever, by exhibition to the sun, emotional, physical effort or low stress of defenses of the immunological system.

Many women suffer them during the menstrual periods or in the premenstrual phase.

These undesirable injuries, that affect in addition the self - esteem to the people, although seem to be inoffensive can trigger sinfín of problems, since they propagate easily in the population because there is an ignorance of his treatment and because multiple "homemade remedies" exist that the only thing who obtain is to aggravate the infection.

They are caused by the virus of herpes simple type 1 and in rare occasions the one that produces the virus of herpes type 2 that generally causes also herpes genital.

One calculates that in Mexico, 70% of the population are carrying of this virus, that is latent in the body, and more or less 18 million people usually develop them, pronouncing itself in the bud of fires. This virus never disappears of the body, reason why the fires can appear spontaneously and repeatedly in the people who carry it.

Often the appearance of fires is asintomática, is to say does not produce annoyances nor symptoms, but when they appear its duration is of between seven and 10 days, time that pass while the vesicles are pronounced, they evolve and they heal.

The labiales fires are very contagious and recurrent. They are possible to be transmitted to another part of the body, like the nose, with only rascar or touching the injury, reason why one is due to avoid the labial contact with other people through kisses and to very wash or the hands after touching them or applying the medicine.

Between the symptoms, of labiales fires, they are:

Comezón and irritation in the lips.

Sensation of quemazón, that gives its name him to the injuries.

Increase of sensitivity and sometimes creeps.

Appearance of blisters reddened around the lips and sometimes in encías.

For the homemade treatment, most effective he is to aciclovir that it is a antiviral and is due to apply at least five times to the minimum day during five or six days and is very important to fulfill it totally and to avoid the use of "homemade remedies", like sodium bicarbonate, toothpaste, face maquillaje and other, that instead of alleviating can make worse the picture.

In order to alleviate the annoyances analgesic one can be taken some, remembering that in the case of minors of 18 years, are not recommendable the acetilsalicílico acid, to prevent the development with the Syndrome from Borders. The application of ice or a cotton soaked in cold milk, helps much to mitigate the pain.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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