Genital warts

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Genital warts
Genital warts.

Warts in the genital zones (uretra; the genitals and rectum)

They take place in sexually active people, and often related to the lack of hygiene.

They extend by the skin of the affected person and they are infected with facility.

The period of incubation (lapse between the infection and the appearance of the injuries) is of 1 to 6 months.


These small warts usually do not cause symptoms.

They can disappear spontaneously although they do not treat.

Nevertheless, and since the virus is associated to malignant genital tumors, the visit to the doctor for its elimination is advised.


The medication that is used for the treatment of venereal affections (podofilina) can damage the fetus. Cases of sistémica toxicity to the fetus have occurred after intravaginal applications.

It does not use the podofilina if she is pregnant.

Since we have already commented, those located on the cervix have demonstrated that they produce cancer.

Factors of risk.


Other venereal diseases.

Manifold even sexual.



In order to avoid that the warts extend to other parts of the body or other people:

Not rasque.

Avoid the sexual contacts without protection until the warts are cured completely.

Use you reduce during the sexual act.

The recent clinical evidence implies to this virus in the génesis of the cervix carcinomas.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

Tests of blood to detect other concomitantes venereal diseases.


General Measures.

The doctor can burn them to it by means of liquid nitrogen (crioterapia) Laser or other means.


If the medical podofilino prescription (topical medicine) that is caustic:

To apply with care avoiding to damage healthy weaves adjacent.

First, it applies petroleum gelatin in those weaves.

Not to use at the same time in ample zones.

To clarify with water after 4 hours.

All contact of the podofilino with the eyes must be avoided.


There are no restrictions except for avoiding the sexual contacts until the warts disappear completely.


It is not necessary to follow no diet in special.

Call to the doctor if.

It happens the following thing after the treatment:

The treated zone becomes infected (reddening, swelling, pain and sensitivity)


Badly general state.

Signs and symptoms.

The venereal warts present / display the following characteristics:

They appear in humid surfaces, specially the penis, the entrance to the vagina and the entrance to the rectum.

They are fine, flexible, solid protuberances of the skin.

They are higher than wide.

They grow in clusters.

Each wart measures of 1 to 2mm of diameter, and the clusters can be quite great.

They do not hurt nor they itch.


It causes a subtype of the same virus that causes other warts, although these are more contagious.

Usually they are transmitted sexually.

The period of incubation is of 1 to 6 months.

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