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Feeling to please during the sexual relations has been an aspect of the sexuality that has been promoted, only allowed and accepted for the men, denying to the women its right to do it by educative, traditional, religious or moral questions. That's why the sexuality of the woman has been limited two fundamental aspects: main the reproduction and the other the one to serve and to please to the man like symbol of a cold, commercial or possible sexuality.

One of the consequences of this fact is that nowadays anorgasmia feminine is a one of the more common sexual disfunciones and problem that aqueja to more of 75% of the women with active sexual life, causing frustration, depression and until sexual fear.

Anorgasmia is defined as the impossibility to arrive at the climax or orgasmo during a sexual relation. Orgasmo can turn to the sexual relation something placentero or on the contrary something forced and annoying. It can take to the enjoyment, desire and stability in the union through the satisfactory unloading of pleasure that makes vibrate physical, psychological and emotionally to woman or cause the frustration, the infidelity, the bitterness and the depression.

Orgasmo is part of human the sexual answer during a sexual relation and happens when the woman has arrived at a high level of excitation that in case of staying of adapted form, causes a series of contractions in muscles of the vagina, accompanied by changes in the corporal temperature, reddening of the skin, vaginal lubrication and a great sensation of pleasing.

Each woman, to arrive at orgasmo needs a stimulus level that is variable in each one of them, since the eróticas fantasies and the masturbation go from, to the manipulation intense and prolonged of their genitals and nipples, but also and fundamentally it is obtained by means of the motivation, freedom of sexual expression and desire to reach it.

But in most of the cases, although apparently the woman seems to enjoy and to be prepared for orgasmo, the majority do not get to reach it, causing by a side the dissatisfaction of the pair, that takes them to pretend, to shut up or to lie on the obtained pleasure and not to wish to have other moments like that one, which deteriorates to much the pair relation and on the other hand, to the personal frustration not to arrive at the moment summit from the relation when the reality is that all would wish to be able to do it.

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