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It is a chronic disease, which means that it is developed little by little and of quiet way, reason why most of the patients they do not realize of which they suffer it until already they have symptoms of her.

It is a incurable disease, but controlable in anyone of their types and stages and an suitable treatment, together with the will of the person to carry out it, can obtain that the patients take a normal life and with quality.

The diabetes is originated when the páncreas do not work suitably and is that, when a healthy person ingests her foods, these are digested and process firstly in the stomach and absorbed in the thin intestine to be transported by means of the blood all the organism.

The sugars, proteins and fats arrive at the liver, where a part is transformed into glucose that is gotten up in the sanguineous torrent. While, the páncreas produce insulin, a hormone that allows that the glucose penetrates in the cells and produces heat and energy, that is, that in certain way, the insulin "opens the door of the cells" so that the glucose can enter.

The glucose is very necessary so that the organism has force and makes all its daily activities, but when too much in the blood, the brain and other weaves is accumulated, becomes difficult its use and it is concentrated in dangerous amounts.

Thus, when a diabetic person consume rich carbohydrate foods that is, sugars and fats, the páncreas do not produce the necessary insulin so that this glucose between a the cells, producing the accumulation and increase of sugar in the blood, this is known like glucemia elevated.

Before this situation, the organism, as it cannot take advantage of the glucose, consumes and disturbs to the fats and proteins that it has stored to obtain energy, which produces a biochemical imbalance that can be very serious.

Meanwhile, the high glucose levels in the blood, damage all the structures of the organism, increasing the risk of complications, as attacks to the heart, blindness, renal insufficiency, neurological osteoporosis, problems cerebrovasculares and among others.


The content of this note, does not replace the medical diagnosis, it only appears as information and the same we are not made people in charge on its use.


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