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Weave destruction.

Collapse of part or everything a lung caused by the free air pressure in the chest, between the two layers of the pleura (fine membranes that cover the lung)

Affected parts.

Sometimes, the pain is confused with a cardiac attack.


He is frequent to all the ages, although most typical they are active men between 20 and 40 years.

To call to the doctor if.

It happens the following thing during the treatment:

Ascent of the temperature to 38, 3º.

Worsening of the pain chest or the difficulty to breathe.

It has painful and debilitating cough or esputos.


Respiratory failure.

Pulmonary infection.


Neumotórax small does not have consequences and it is cured single.

Nevertheless, if the collapse is extensive and happens in the maturity or ages outposts and lungs or damaged by asthma, chronic bronchitis or enfisema, could carry a respiratory failure and become a serious affection.

The treatment as large as depends neumotórax and the state on the lung.

It is possible to be cured single perhaps although it requires of hospitalization to extract the air.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

X - rayses of the chest to confirm the diagnosis.

General measures.

It does not smoke.

Try not to toser.

Avoid to speak aloud, to laugh or to sing.

Sitting will be more comfortable On guard.


Usually it is not necessary, although for slight pains it can take medicines without prescription like paracetamol.

In cases of intense pain, the doctor will prescribe to him analgesic more powerful.


As active Manténgase as is possible to him.

Often rest.

Return to its habitual activities as soon as it can. 2 weeks of convalecencia will be enough to him.


No in special needs.

Factors of risk.

Hurt in the chest.

Chronic pulmonary affection.



Look for medical treatment for pulmonary affections like asthma or enfisema.

It does not smoke.

Signs and symptoms.


ELa intensity of the following symptoms varies according to the degree of the collapse and the importance of the pulmonary disease that caused it.

The symptoms will be less acute if neumotórax takes place with slowness.

Acute pain in the chest that can be extended to a shoulder or by the chest or the abdomen.

Difficulty to breathe.

Dry cough (sometimes)


Three main types exist:

Spontaneous Neumotórax:

Perforation of a small air stock market in the lung due to the asthma, a pulmonary abscess or empiema, or a physical effort like diving, flight of altitude or strechings.

The reasons related to physical activities happen mainly to healthful people.

Traumatic Neumotórax:

Penetrating wounds in the chest that allow the free air intake in the pleura and cause the collapse of the lung.

Yatrogénico Neumotórax: Complications when extracting liquid of a lung (toracocentesis)

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