Information about mineral

The phosphorus is a mineral, and is a component that helps in the formation of the bones and teeth.


The phosphorus, along with the calcium, is vital for the formation of the bones and teeth. Essential for the production of energy through foods as well as for the constitution of the cells.

Daily dose.

One recommends 700mg in adults, 1250 in children and pregnant women.


It is rare since he is mineral a present one in practically all foods, mainly in rich calcium foods. It can induce it an excessive consumption of antacid.


High doses are not dangerous, but they reduce to the calcium in the blood, creating a calcium deficiency and vitamin D.


Present in a great amount of foods, being the most outstanding liver of pig, the dry codfish, the oil tuna, the oil sardines, the lenguado one, merluza, the prawns, the chicken, the egg and yogur.

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