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It was much appreciated by the Romans, who earlier gave gladiators of the fighting. Nowadays, it is still fairly More than a condiment. Be careful because the wild parsley can be confused with the poison hemlock.

Habitat: native of the eastern Mediterranean and cultivated in most parts of the world.

Description: herbaceous plant, biennial, the family of Umbelíferas, which reaches 20 to 80 cms. tall. Its stem is striped, and their flowers are yellow or greenish in umbel.

Used parts: leaves, fruits and roots.

Properties and indications: parsley contains apiína (the same glycoside which is found in celery) and flavonoids, which give it diuretic action, essential oil, rich in apiol and miristicina, which gives properties emenagogas (stimulates menstruation) and vasodilatation toning. It also contains vitamins A, G and E (tocopherol) in abundance, as well as phosphorus, iron, calcium and sulfur.

The parsley is a very nutritious supplement to be taken into account, because it is very rich in vitamins A and C. But it is also a natural remedy that is indicated in the following cases:

Edema (fluid retention) and cellulitis.

Heart failure.

Urine low, mild degrees of kidney failure.

Inappetence, anemia.

Convalescence, physical exhaustion: in these cases is particularly suitable root.

Dismenorreas: irregular menstruation, poor or painful) for treatment are used primarily fruits.

Stinging insects (wasps, spiders, etc. Applying a poultice of fresh leaves on the skin. Calm the pain and reduces inflammation of the bite.

Usage: infusion of leaves (30 grams per liter) roots in pieces (15 grams per liter) or fruit (2 - 5 grams per liter) takes a cup before each of the three daily meals. Juice of the fresh plant, ingesting 2 - 3 tablespoons before each meal. Externally, in cataplasms of fresh leaves, crushed, into a paste which is applied on the affected area.

Precautions: Pregnant women should avoid consuming parsley so abundant, have some effect on oxytocin (shrinks the uterus) which could predispose to abortion.

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