tetraclinis articulata

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tetraclinis articulata
Used Part.

The young branches.

Active Principles.

Tannins, essential oil, rich in Thujone.

Drug Action.

Popularly used as an expectorant and emenagogo. The essential oil is caustic, used as antiverrucoso.


In external use, condylomata, papillomas.

Side Effects.

We recommend avoiding its administration through internal: The Thujone is a powerful nerve and can lead to high doses, and tetaniformes epileptiforms crisis, mental and sensory disorders and hypotension.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Tincture (1: 5) Apply twice daily for several weeks on the warts (especially for smaller)

Essential oil: Apply in the form of touch on the warts, papillomas and condylomata. Protect the surrounding area with petroleum jelly FILANTE.


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