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Street or bunions
Calluses or bunions.

They are a hardening of the outer skin layer that usually appears on areas of bone, such as the joint between the big toe (bunion)

Or, a painless hardening of the skin caused by pressure and repeated irritation (callus) It commonly affects the hands, feet and knees.


Back pain, hips, knees or ankles caused by a change in the way of walking due to the severe discomfort.


Usually curable if the underlying cause can be eliminated.


The calluses and bunions are trained to protect an area of skin damage from repeated irritation (rubbing or pinch)

The pressure causes the cells to grow irritated the area more quickly nearing the supercrecimiento.

In the case of bunion there is a deformation of the joint between the big toe, which makes the bone protruding outwards, to bend the finger on the other (Hallux Valgus) which causes the appearance of the callus on it, that in this case call bunions.

Signs and symptoms.

The most characteristic symptoms are:

Bunion: Small lump, soft and painful it is born next door or on the articulation of the big toe. The bunion typically measured 4 to 10mm in diameter and have a hard core.

Callus: Area of the rough and hardened skin that appears after repeated pressure or irritation. The areas most commonly affected are the feet, hands and knees.

The calluses on the soles of the feet are the most problematic.

Not to be confused with plantar warts, induration painful in the foot with an eye more central dark, due to a virus.

Risk Factors.

Inappropriate footwear.

Those people with professions which involve pressure on hands and knees, such as carpenters, writers, guitarists or tejadores.


Avoid activities that create a constant pressure on specific areas of the skin.

Not wearing shoes that fits badly at the bottom.

Whenever possible, take some kind of protection such as gloves or knee pads.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


The diagnosis is made by visual inspection.

In the case of bunions, it may be necessary x - rays through the valuation of the underlying bones to establish the treatment plan.

General measures.

Eliminate the cause of pressure if possible.

Discard shoes that do not serve.

Use templates to bunions or corns to reduce the pressure on the irritated areas.

Peel or scrub the area with hardened pumice stone to remove the callus. Do not cut with a knife, leave it to your doctor or chiropodist who do so. Soak the area in warm water to soften before pelarla.

Ask your shoe to a bar METATARSAL thing about the shoe while it cures bunions.

The major surgery of Hallux Valgus is reserved for cases in which the big toe reaches mounted on the fingers of the other foot, or when it is particularly painful. It is a painful and somewhat functional, so it should be used as a last resort.

In the case of plantar warts, for disposal may be needed injection of drugs at its base.


Once removed the upper layers of callus, pelándolas once or twice a day, apply an ointment Salicylic 5% or 10% without a prescription. Then cover it with tape Adesida.


Resume their normal activities as soon as symptoms improve.


It is not necessary to follow a special diet.

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