Gastrointestinal diseases

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Gastrointestinal diseases
The gastrointestinales diseases occupy one of the first causes of medical consultation and are also one of the first causes of death in Mexico and the world.

They pardon to anybody neither by age nor by social condition, although the vulnerable group the more to its symptoms they are the small children and the old ones.

They are caused by several reasons that can be from organic and psychological, but mainly are caused by bacteria, virus or parasites which they penetrate to the organism by means of foods and water contaminated mainly with fecal matter that also scatters itself by the atmosphere, mainly in season of heat.

Between the main microorganisms that cause them they are: the Salmonella, the Escherichia coli, the Shigella, the Giardias and the frightful amoebas.

The main manifestations are.


stomach or abdominal Pain (cólicos)




Constipación or constipation.

One of the more serious consequences and complications when there is diarrea and vomit, is the dehydration.

The organs that are affected most frequently are: the esophagus, stomach, duodeno, anus, rectum, páncreas and the internal, thin and the thickness.

Between the studies to identify the kind of problem exactly, they are those of blood, fecal matter, endoscopías, x - rays and ecografías, in addition to the physical exploration and clinical history.

Between most common, they are: the Colitis, the Gastroesofágico Ebb tide, the null and voidable Colon, the biliary Hepatitis C, Salmonelosis, Amibiasis, Gastritis, Ulcers, Calculations, Sournesses or pirosis and others more.

All these diseases are prepared with:

suitable food Hygiene and preparation.

To avoid to eat in the street or little hygienic places, near animals or of people whose hygiene evidently is bad.

To wash the hands before eating and after going bathroom.

To boil the water five minutes and to let it rest during half an hour.

To wash either to fruits and vegetables and to disinfect them with gotitas of chlorine before rinsing them or.

To review well the dates of lapsing and quality of the packings of the foods that we consumed.

To eat three times to the day, without exaggerating and including foods of the three groups, fruits and vegetables that contain fiber and daily taking two liters from water.

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