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It affects the same to both sexes although in the hepatitis of the B type, by the form of I infect are some groups with greater risk, as they are the homosexual men, the sexual people with manifold even, the addict endovenosos, the people with immunological problems and the children of carrying mothers of the virus.

By the type of damage, duration, agent or cause that trigger the disease, are two types of hepatitis:

The chronic hepatitis, that is an inflammatory disease of the liver that lasts more than six months. Most of the cases Tambie'n is caused generally by virus of type C. can be caused by the consumption of some medicines like alfametildopa, nitrofurantoína or dantroleno or by chronic alcoholism.

The other is the viral hepatitis very important disease by the amount of cases that registers. It is caused by the virus To, B, C, D and E, and by others like the Citomegalovirus, the Epspein Barr or the Coxackie.

Although the hepatitis is caused by different types from virus and in all the cases the symptoms are very similarities, the way of transmission, acquisition, their evolution and the damage of the cells of the liver, is different for each virus and until for each person, the symptoms can be different.

The people who have suffered hepatitis cannot be donating of blood, since the virus infects itself mainly by this means.

At the moment it is counted on vaccine to prevent the hepatitis To, B and C. the vaccine to prevent the hepatitis is recommended for the adults who must travel to tropical zones of high risk, sanitary personnel and of health.

The vaccine of hepatitis B, has been incorporated in the scheme of infantile vaccination of many places of the world and also it is recommended to apply it to all the adolescents, hemophiliac, children of carrying, familiar mothers of patients and people who by their sexual activities or conducts can be of high risk.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and by no reason it replaces the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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