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The diarrea of the tourist or diarrea of the traveller, is a suffering that is characterized by the continuous evacuation of soft or liquid fecal matter, between five or six times per day and that lasts of two to four days.

Some studies have demonstrated that from 20 to 50% of the people who travel they get to suffer diarrea, but the incidence varies much depending on the destiny place.

This suffering is caused by diverse bacteria, virus and protozoarios, nevertheless 40% of the cases must to stocks of the Escherichia bacterium coli that, when penetrating in the thin intestine, produces a toxin that it induces to the intestinal wall to extract great amounts of water and salt.

Although the heavy intestine can absorb several liters of liquid to the day, is saturated quickly by the excess that flows from the thin intestine what produces the diarrea.

The diarreicos pictures go accompanied of abdominal cólicos, you feel nauseous and vomits that are finished when the bacteria eliminate themselves when leaving with the liquid.

Other organisms that habitually cause diarrea of the tourist are the bacteria, are: the Shigella and the Salmonella, diverse virus and protozoarios, like the Giardia lamdia or parasites like the Cryptosporidium, that is in the water.

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