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It affects the most superficial part of encía reason why it is pronounced by reddening, hardening, inflammation and bled it weighs, mainly when cepillar the teeth. They appear to any age, although they are more frequent in young people of 20.

This infection is related mainly to an inadequate buccal hygiene, which facilitates the formation of dentobacteriana plate, which forms by the accumulation of bacteria, rest of foods, epithelial cells died and mucin.

Also they contribute in the development of the gingivitis the fouling accumulation, the tabaquismo, deficient and bad dental treatments, defective maloclusiones or bites and the accumulation and incrustation of rest of foods between the teeth.

Another factor that develops them, is the hormonal variations in the women, mainly during the menstrual period and the pregnancy, stage in which encías increases of size and become inflamed slightly.

During the menopause and due to the lack of sexual hormone production, many women can present / display descamativa gingivitis, with more painful and annoying symptoms.

When they are not taken care of opportunely, the gingivitis can cause a periodontitis.

The gingivitis, also is one of the manifestations of another type of diseases, that go from lack of vitamins, to infections by the virus of herpes, AIDS or by diabetes, reason why is very important their suitable diagnosis and its opportune treatment.

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