Nasal polyps

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Nasal polyps
Nasal polyps.

Benign proliferation in the nasal cavities, generally in both sides of the nose.


It affects all the ages, but it is commonest in the adults.


Frequent infections.

Nasal hemorrhages.


The symptoms can be controlled with treatment (generally surgery)

The relapses are frequent still after the treatment.


Treat the primary allergy medically.

Consult to its doctor about tests of allergy and desensibilizantes procedures.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

Laboratory tests to identify the allergies.


Medical treatment.

Surgery to extirpate the polyps with local anesthesia (a smaller surgical procedure)

General measures.


For slight pains, it can take paracetamol.

Avoid the aspirin that could increase the tendency to bleed and to cause an allergic reaction.

His doctor can prescribe drugs with cortisone or nasal cromolina in spray or forms oral during just a short time before the surgery, to reduce the size of the polyps.

Cuidado: No uses sprays nasal without prescription.


Gradually resume its normal activities after the surgery.


She is not precise none in special.

Warn its medico if.

It happens the following thing during the treatment:

The hemorrhages are unstoppable.


It still has pains after taking paracetamol.

Factors of risk.

Sinusitis or chronic nasal infection.


A chronic infection or allergy in the nose (allergic rinitis) causes the inflammation of the membrane of the nasal mucosa and produces an excess of liquid in the nasal cells.

Signs and symptoms.

Obstruction of the air that happens through the nose (chronic sensation of "covered nose")

Deterioration of the sense of smell.

Sensation to have the swollen face.


Nasal secretion.

Pain in the face.

Dolores of head.

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