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With the entrance of stations like the spring and the autumn, some known allergies are also increased as seasonal and is that at this time they predominate pólenes of certain trees, grass and weeds that are scattered by the wind and that in many people allergies cause.

An allergy is an exaggerated answer of the immunological system when it makes contact with enemy with certain substances and elements that exist of natural form in the atmosphere and that although, for the majority is inoffensive, in some people cause from slight annoyances, to injuries in weaves or some disease.

And it is that the human being is surrounded by a great diversity of agents able to cause diverse reactions, but also counts on a system that protects it of any strange element. This is known like immune answer.

Some of the most common alergénos are the acarus of the dust, the egg, polen, the dandruff or hair of the cats and other animals, the smoke of the tobacco, certain foods and / or nutritional complements, the poison of insects, medicines, vegetal, cosmetic, detergent substances chemical, soaps, perfumes and many more.

When alergéno penetrates for the first time in the organism, the immunological system reacts producing a defensive antibody called inmunoglobulina E (IgE) and although the initial exhibition does not cause symptoms, the IgE antibodies are united to other similars, that are certain type of basófilos white globules called or the mastocitos, that cover the respiratory routes, the internal and the skin.

When the organism becomes to expose to that substance, the antibodies pay attention to the alérgeno and stimulate to the mastocitos or the basófilos so that they produce histamina and other substances that are those that causes the allergic symptoms.

As the histamina exerts its greater effect in the skin, mucous membranes, the eyes, the lungs and tracto gastrointesinal, most of the allergic reactions they affect these organs, although, according to the type of allergy, the symptoms go from estornudos, nasal draining, comezón and tearful eyes to eruptions and the dangerous anaphylactic shock.


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