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Rice is a herbaceous plant belonging to the family of grasses, which comprises nearly 2000 species. This is an annual plant with the stem right and steep, which stretches up to 1 meter in height. The leaves are acintadas numerous and a bit rough, especially at the edges.

Inflorecencia the terminal consists of an ear of espiguitas composed of a single flower. The fruit is a Caryopsis white or slightly brown.

Originally from Asia and Africa, was introduced in Europe to the sixth century AD, though not its cultivation spread to the fifteenth century. It was breeding in rice fields that remain very flat flooded while the rice is developed and until the plant is large.

It blooms in summer. In the Iberian Peninsula grain of rice reaches its full maturity from late August through early October, when it is appropriate to segarlo. Subsequently, the grain undergoes a process of falling, depriving it of its external features, rich in protein, vitamin B and minerals.

The rice that we know is much poorer in areas where food is consumed in the Far East. In the composition of husked rice, what stands out most is the high percentage of starch, which can account for as much as 75%. It also contains materials Albuminoidal, some water and small amounts of sugar and fat. It is a food widely consumed in our country. Is usually used for any aetiology and combat diarrhea. As shown the first signs of decay in a child as an adult, the first thing we recommend is to suspend the medical management of any food other than a bit of rice cooked with water, salt and a teaspoon of oil. Also, for very young children is very common to mixtures of rice flour, but must not be abused because a lot of them will ultimately end up causing constipation.

Previously, these mixtures of rice flour thickens a bit more and were applied either in the form of hot poultice on boils and abscesses. Today, this use has fallen almost obsolete. In conclusion, we must also comment that rice is not a very nutritious food if used alone, but that leads to the preparation of delicious dishes, well placed in our culture, as the Valencian paella or rice pot. But in reality it should be consumed whole, as reported, as the husks that it covers is where you find the best nutrients.

Flour: The flour is taken on added mixtures or carrot juice. In the pharmaceutical market there are many mixtures of rice to prepare instant, either with water or milk.

Decoction: If what you want is an astringent, cook rice for a while, then bebiéndose the cooking water.

Food use. Is the main way to consume rice in our country, cooked with salt and oil or in the form of delicious dishes, some of them of great tradition.

Antidiarrheal. Anti - inflammatory. Astringent.

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