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The diarrea is a reaction of the organism before the presence of a microorganism that is generally a bacterium, virus or parasite that causes some type of gastrointestinal infection.

But also it can be caused by serious digestive problems like the colorrectal cancer, the disease of Crohn, the diverticulitis and the ulcerosa colitis and others more, reason why the suitable and opportune diagnosis is very important.

The frequent evacuation of soft or liquid fecal matter, indicates that there is some upheaval, caused generally by foods or polluting or toxic elements, that although are good since when causing itself they wash to the intestine to expel them, if they are very constant and lasting they can cause dehydration and until the death, by the descompensación of chemistries of the organism and the lack of liquid.

Before a strange or toxic element the intestine produces water and with it it prevents that the microbes are absorbed and taken to the sanguineous torrent, the problem is that when does not control and the diarreicos pictures they are frequent during the day, the water elimination can causes dehydration and to take to the death in just a short time.

For that reason, one is due to go to the doctor immediately when the diarrea lasts more of a day in a smaller boy of two years or more than two days in a greater boy or an adult or if they appear other symptoms and signs like: intense abdominal pain, vomit, fever, blood, snot or parasites like lombrices in the fecal matter.

The slight, intermittent diarrea or that appears frequently although it lasts just a short time, must also be taken care of by a doctor.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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