Stroke in children

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Stroke in children
The accidents cerebrovasculares can also affect the children when medical complications exist in: intracraneales infections, cerebral injuries, oclusivas malformations vasculares or diseases vasculares or genetic upheavals like: falciforme anemia, tuberosa sclerosis and Syndrome of Marfan.

Between the manifestations or symptoms of an accident to cerebrovascular in the children they are:


Disartria or sudden loss of the speech.

Loss of the face expression of the expressive language.

Hemiparesia or weakness of a side of the body.

Hemiplejia or paralysis of a side of the body.



In the case of the accidents cerebrovasculares in children, these have greater capacities to restore forces and assets and control damage than the adults, had, mainly to the plasticity of their brain that is still immature and to the capacity to adapt and to respond better to the treatments and diseases.

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