acelgabeta vulgaris

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acelgabeta vulgaris
Other Names:

Kale is a plant well known by all. Its leaves are very large, fleshy and are the edible part of the plant. They are dark green and white have betas across the road. The stems are upright, but when they fill with seeds often bent by the extremes.

The result is quite right, quite fleshy and cylindrical in shape. One grows up in the orchards around the country, is widely used in food. Its origin comes from a plant of the same species, the so - called chard Marine, who was born spontaneously in the marshes.

His appearance and improved properties to grow up and take care in orchards. They are natives of Asia. Their flowers are quite small and of different colors, red or green. The fruit cup and adheres to come to be woody. The seeds are very abundant and are at the end of the stems. The leaves are hand picked and sometimes also the roots.

Since he began cultivating its main use is the food, and so is at the bureaus of several countries. Although not too tasty, there are plenty of dishes that combine food with more varied, making it something indispensable.

It was used extensively in the slimming diets, as not feeding anything, serves to "fool the stomach" and diuretic to be something that makes losing the excess fluid through urine. It is very difficult for someone to take indigestible Swiss, as it is a light meal that usually sit quite well to the stomach.

Formerly used as a home remedy in many ailments: to heal wounds, cure mange, relieving burns, in ailments of the liver and spleen.

Currently his only job is like food, but also are used to relax the stomach sometimes, but what is more normal to be replaced by other plants more efficient than she for these duties.

Cooked: There are all kinds of dishes with this plant; normally takes boiled and aligned with oil or sauté with potatoes or without them.

JUICE: It prepares a juice with the leaves of kale and thrown drip from the nose. Formerly used this preparation to cure headaches and ear.

Bake: Place 1 liter of water to boil and add 40 to 50 degrees. of leaves and roots. Washing the head with this preparation are achieved remove nits and dandruff.

Hepatoprotective. Diuretic. Colerética.

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