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The dressing room is a small shrub, not more than three spans high, with leaves resembling those of the heather. It is a plant with male and female feet. The root is creeping, knots, coarse and similar to the heather, from where some emerging shoots and brittle crust dressed in a dark red. At the end of the offspring produced fruits, round, white and transparent.


Remineralizing (Moderate)

Anthelmintic (Slight)

Febrífugo (Slight)


The composition of the dressing room is completely unknown at this time. The only thing known is that possesses significant quantities of mineral salts, so it is considered a plant remineralizing. It is also very useful for reducing fever in certain diseases, administering the fruit in the form of lemonade, given his taste sour. Anyway this shrub is little known as a medicinal plant, like the family it belongs, that of empetráceas. This group of plants includes no more than 6 species, which are characterized mainly by bushes or shrubs be structurally similar to heather, with which it can be confusing if you do not have much knowledge of botany.

In terms of their properties as anthelmintic, which appears to act as such, although no one knows what the ingredients are exercising this action. Intestinal parasites have bothered much to the man and throughout history have been hundreds remedies that have been used for this purpose, but there are few who have shown strength. The worms are known as intestinal parasites, but not represent a danger to the life of the patient are very annoying and can cause many problems. Today, many preparations have been very active in that removed a second or third application.


Oral liquid form. The fruits can be administered in the form of lemonade, taking advantage of its acidic taste. The dose used, as well as the time that the treatment should last, should be set by the doctor.

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