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Used Part.

The flowering tops.

Active Principles.

Tannins (7%) Arbutósido (which by hydrolysis, mediated by the intestinal bacterial flora, frees hydroquinone) Flavonoids: quercitrósido, miricitrósido.

Drug Action.

Diuretic. The astringent tannins exerting a (antidiarrheal local hemostatic, healing) Hydroquinone has an antiseptic action, with specific tropism on the urinary tract. Flavonoids, a diuretic effect.


Urinary tract infections: cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis and states that requires an increase of diuresis: oliguria, urolithiasis) hiperazotemia, hyperuricemia, gout, high blood pressure, edema, overweight accompanied by fluid retention.


In topical use: wounds, eczema, trophic ulcers, gingivitis, parodontopatías, vulvovaginitis.


Gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer.

Do not prescribe dosage forms with alcohol content to children under two years or consultants in the process of alcohol addiction.

Caution / Poisoning.

Take into account the alcohol content of the fluid extract and tincture.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Infusion: 50 g / l. Infuse 10 minutes. A liter a day.

Fluid extract (1: 1) 25 - 50 drops, one to three times a day.

Tincture (1: 10) 50 - 100 drops, one to three times a day.

Dry extract (5: 1) 300 to 1, 000 mg / day.

Its use is generally associated with other drugs and diuretic demulcent (mallow, marshmallow, chamomile, corn, to avoid irritating the possible effect of tannins on the gastrointestinal mucous membranes) It is recommended that you make discontinuous treatments.


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