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The cystitis is an infection of the inferior urinary routes.

We will discard the infections of tracto urinary superior to occupy to us only of those of tracto urinary inferior (vejiga, uretra)

This type of infections is very frequent.

Until the 60 years it is an essentially feminine disease. From this age, also it affects the man.

Clinical signs.

Next, we will describe the picture of the acute cystitis, without complication with any other affection.

He is more frequent in young women (it affects to 4% of the women of ages between 20 and 30 years) Nevertheless, also can suffer it the greater women, being more frequent conforms are aged, until reaching 20% to the 70 years and 30% to the 80.

The main signs are:

• Ardor during the micción, that can go from the simple annoyance to the unbearable pain.

• Poliaquiuria, that is to say, excessive desire to tinkle. It is the announcing sign of the cystitis. The micciones are of little volume.

• vesical Pain, generally moderate and that persists during the micciones.

• Sometimes, is observed hematuria (presence of blood in tinkles it)

• the fever absence is a good symptom.


In 90 or 95% of the cases, the cystitis is originated by Escherichia coli, followed by Proteus mirabilis. Both are enterobacterias. Also we have to mention Klebsiella and Enterobacter.

One is germs that normally live in the intestine. The infection anatomically takes place through the urinary meato little prote'ge' in the woman.

The factors that favor it well are known:

• Upheavals of the intestinal transit: constipation (specially frequent) or diarrea.


• Insufficient ingestion of liquids.

• postmenstrual Periods pre and.

sexual Relations.


It tinkles it has the advantage of being easily analyzable. Its aspect must be observed: cloudy, sure hematúrico, etc.

The noncomplicated infections of tracto urinary inferior are detected by means of ECBU (Examen Cito Bacteriolo'gico Urinario)

The ECBU is not necessary for an isolated cystitis. However, yes it is it in the recidivantes forms.

At the time of gathering it tinkles it, is not advisable the technique of the vesical drilling. A sample of the first micción must be obtained in the morning, after a washing of the genital zone and after rejecting the first portion of it tinkles it.

In order to verify the presence of an infection, a count of bacteria will take place. In order to speak of cystitis the presence of 100, 000 is necessary (= 105) 10 U. F. C. ml and one leucocituria clearly superior to leucocitos / mm3.

In case of recidivas, the investigation of the germ must go accompanied of antibiograma.

The case of a typical picture of cystitis (ardor + poliaquiuria) not accompanied by bacteriuria can occur. In this case, one is cistalgias with you tinkle clear or "false cystitis".

Sometimes, the upheavals appear with the first sexual relations.

The "affective aggressions" also seem to influence in the appearance of this clinical picture.


1. Hygienic - dietetic advice.

They seem simple, but they are fundamental. The young women who present / display recidivantes cystitis not every day perceive their symptoms.

• Beber much. Abundant liquid, as minimum must interfere 1. 5 ls (it is understood, without alcohol) to the day, even more, if it can. The total amount must be distributed regularly throughout the day. This allows not too much spaced regular micciones and.

It is important to remember that a caused and regular diuresis can restrain a crisis of incipiente cystitis totally.

• Regularizar the intestinal transit. The ingestion of liquids also avoids the constipation. But in addition, they exist laxative smooth (with mucílagos) adapted to the chronic treatments (for example ispágula and glucomanano)

• Micciones postcoitales complete.

• perineal Hygiene: to advise to the use of water and soap. The insufficient local hygiene, or the excess, is source of infections.

• Advice in the indumentaria: to avoid synthetic fiber underclothes and too much fit trousers, because they are irritation factors.

2. Treatment with anitibióticos.

Sulfamidas and the other urinary antibiotics like quinolonas, very are used.

The duration of the treatment varies: long treatments (10 days) short (3 to 5 days) with daily unique dose.

The conduct varies based on which it is about an isolated cystitis or recidivantes forms.

The complicated forms always need a treatment with antibiotics oriented by antibiograma urinary.

3. Fitoterapia.

several plants xisten that have diuréticas properties at the same time and antiseptic urinary. Its paper is specially interesting in the case of cistalgia with you tinkle clear. We could recommend Gayuba, Brezo and Grama.

Plants adapted for this disease.


Ginseng of Korea.



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