Urinary Incontinence

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Urinary Incontinence
The expulsion by uretra of tinkles it accumulated in vejiga is called micción and been a reflected act, that although is stimulated by the nervous system, can be interrupted or be delayed voluntarily of such form that allows to most of the people arriving at the bath.

But many people to tinkle not only becomes a problem that generates emotional and hygienic stress, shame and many problems, for who suffers it, but also for the relatives, this is because the retention capacity is had lost, which originates the involuntary exit of tinkles it in any place and to any hour.

This problem, call urinary incontinencia, an involuntary loss is the incapacity to control the micción causing of tinkles and is an important factor in the limitation and the labor, familiar and social activity.

Although he is more frequent in greater people of 65 years and in women more than in the men, this disease can be presented / displayed to any age and be pronounced, or in form of continuous dripping or of the escape of all it tinkles it accumulated in vejiga.

The control of vejiga, depends on a series of events that are integrated in the brain, the spinal medúal, the urinary system and the neighboring weaves, any disease that affects to some of them, repel in the urinary retention.

The origin of the incontinencia therefore is varied, it generally has to do with the age since the urinary system undergoes a series of organic changes that favor the diminution of the storage capacity of tinkles, as well as of the capacity to control and to delay the micción, at the same time which there is an increase of the volume of it tinkles after each micción, which causes that the necessity to tinkle is more frequent and at the same time uretra that is the conduit that leads when coming out tinkles it from vejiga or urinary meato diminishes its functional length.

This can be due to diverse problems that go from the continuous suffering of diverse genital urinary infections and, neurological problems as they can be the events cerebrovasculares, the multiple sclerosis or Badly of anatomical Parkinson, abnormalitys or physical efforts.

In the women, the incontinencia is more frequent due to the pregnancies that cause the weakening of the muscles that maintain vejiga and control the urinary flow. Also it is caused by the obesity and the hormonal changes of the menopause.

In the men it is common that this problem appears after an operation of prostate.

There are cases in that there is an involuntary loss of tinkles caused by the effort of the body when making some function like toser, sneezing, to laugh or to make some movements that increase the pressure in the abdomen.

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