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Nongonoccocica Uretritis (UNG)

Infection of uretra of the man similar to the gonorrhea but produced by other organisms.

It is a disease habitually of sexual transmission, although it can be transmitted vertically (of mother to son during the childbirth) or through manipulations like the urinary drilling.

He is so frequent in men as in women, but by anatomical questions, it is diagnosed more frequently in men.


The treated infections (mainly by chlamydias) cannot extend to other organs like;

In the man:

Epididimitis (cord after the testicles) that can end up causing a sterility,

Syndrome of Reiter (reactive arthritis with mucous and ocular affectation)

Conjuntivitis or.

Cutaneous injuries.

In the woman:

Inflammatory Pelvic disease (EPI) that can cause tubáricos pregnancies or sterility,

Chronic pelvic pain or.

Spontaneous abortions.

The conjuntivitis in new born produced by the Chlamydias (tracoma) can finish in the loss of the eye.


Sometimes they are difficult to treat, reason why the treatments must throughout follow the time indicated by the doctor.

They are not mortal or invalidantes diseases, but they can cause definitive sterility.

Diagnosis and treatment.


In the men the clinic takes to the uretritis diagnosis, discarding gonoccocia is arrived at the UNG diagnosis.

In the women the diagnosis usually is made during the search of contacts of an affected man, or by the presence of vaginal flow.


The treatment is doctor by means of antibiotics.

General measures.

Take all the medication, although the symptoms disappear.

Report to all its sexual companions so that they are treated.

It does not have sexual relations without protection until it is cured.


His doctor will deal to him with antibiotics. Adviertale if it is possible that she is pregnant; some of used antibiotics can damage the fetus, but they are possible to be changed by others.

Take all the treatment, although no longer it has symptoms.


It does not have sexual relations without protection until it is cured.


Any special diet is not precise.

Warn its medico if.

The symptoms persist in spite of the treatment or return to appear after finishing the treatment.

Factors of risk.

Sexual relations promiscuas.

Commercial sexual relations.

Sexual relations without protection.


Avoid the risk situations.

Use barrier methods to avoid I infect of the ETS.

Signs and symptoms.

In the man:

Supuración by the penis.

Sensation of quemazón or pain when tinkling.

Picor, irritation or peneana incomodidad.

Sometimes, stained of the underclothes.

In the woman:

The germs causes of the UNG can produce uretrales symptoms (picor or quemazón when tinkling) but more frequently cause.

Infections purulentas of the cervix (painless) or.

Vaginitis (that can attend with dispareunia; pain during the sex and vaginal flow) or.

They can completely be asintomáticas.

In the fetus they can cause infections of eyes, oidos and lungs, but they are not associated with malformations like the rubeola, the toxoplasmosis or sífilis.


The infection of uretra masculine by several types different from germs, but commonest and burdens is the Chlamydia trachomatis, although also they can produce it:

Ureaplasma Urealiticum.

Haemophilus vaginalis.

Mycoplasma genitalium.

Adenovirus and, more rarely,

Trichomonas vaginalis and.

Herpes virus simplex type II.

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