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Infectious disease of the reproductive organs of sexual transmission.

Normally it affects to uretra in the men and uretra, vagina, the cervix and / or the tubes of Fallopian tube in the women.

It can also affect the anus, the throat, the joints and the eyes.

It is transmitted by sexual contact.

The period of incubation (the time between the infection and the appearance of the first symptoms) is of 2 to 10 days.


Ocular infection by gonococo. This one can cause blindness in the children (to see prevention)

Generalized infection (septicemia by gonococo)

Destructive infectious arthritis.

Pelvic inflammatory disease in women, that can produce sterility.

Epididimitis (infection of the testicles)

Endocarditis (infection of the valves of the heart)

Sexual impotence in the men (sometimes)


It cures from the beginning between ten and fifteen days with the correct treatment.

The complications (arthritis, endocarditis, septicemia. are very serious.

Diagnosis and treatment.


Tests of diagnosis that include analysis of blood, cultures of laboratory and microscopic analysis of the genital secretion, the rectum or the throat.



Medication with antibiotics (the resistance to penicillin is an added problem)

The culture post - cure will confirm the cure. The patient will have to put to the test itself of other diseases of sexual transmission.

Lávese the hands frequently specially after the intestinal micción and evacuations.

One does not touch the eyes with the hands.

Report to all its sexual companions so that they can be put in treatment.


Avoid sexual companions whose practices and state of health are uncertain.

Use condón of látex (preventive) during the sexual act.

In order to avoid that I infect to new born produces conjuntivitis to them, the "procedure of Credè" was made, the instilación of a drop of nitrate of silver in each eye (today a drop of antibiotic is used)

The cases of gonorrhea will have to be communicated to the Department of local Health with the purpose of avoiding their propagation.

Its cooperation is important and the confidentiality will be assured.

Factors of risk.

Sexual promiscuity.


The vaginal childbirth for the children of infected woman.

Signs and symptoms.

The women normally do not suffer any symptom or in any case less than the man, whose symptoms generally are more pronouncing:

Quemazón when tinkling.

Expulsion of a green - yellowish thick secrección by the penis or the vagina.

Febrícula (sometimes)

Pain or tension when making the sexual act (sometimes)

Rectal annoyances or losses (sometimes)

Pain in the joints.

Sarpullido, specially in the palms of the hand.

Pain slight throat (in some occasions)


Specific infection by the bacterium of the gonorrhea.

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