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The almond tree is a fruit tree that can reach over 10 meters high if you're in a very good land, although it is normal that measured 4 to 5 meters. Its trunk is formed by wrinkled and with a bark crevices. It has many branches scattered around the tree. The leaves are oval - shaped, smooth, and are full of small glands. In fall and winter it is a deciduous tree.

The flowers are white or pink and have a cup small and very open. Is originally from East and North Africa, where they are still in the wild. For many years, is grown throughout the Mediterranean; specifically, we can find it at Levante, Andalusia and Mallorca.

Their flowering occurs very early. The buds of the flowers are already formed in the autumn. In some areas, such as the Balearic Islands, might flourish at the end of December. In other regions did so in January and February. The fruits take a long time to season because they need about eight months to do so. As they mature, the flesh of the fruit is losing its juice and hardened to finish by unstuck. Within the fruit is commonly known as the seed kernel. Part of the almond trees are harvested seeds, which are used in many and varied forms. Almonds are used extensively in medicine, cosmetics and kitchen.

Acting effectively against the cough. With the extraction of its juice is a good syrup against irritations and inflammations of the stomach, intestine, kidney and bladder. The almond oil is used in the affections of the skin and is very effective against burns. For all are aware of the nutritional properties of almonds. They are a good food after inflammation of the digestive system and are highly valued in the preparation of various sweets like marzipan, nougats, and so on. It is also a nut with great nutritional properties, widely used as anti contributor and as energy. However, special care must be taken with bitter almonds, because they can be toxic and even cause death if taken in large quantities.

Almond Milk: It was macerated for 20 to 30 grams of sweet almond. Then he crushed in a mortar with 15 grams of sugar and makes a fine paste. Everything is mixed with 1 liter of milk, Slips and adds a bit of orange blossom water.

Beauty Mask: Mix almond powder with lemon for oily skin and extend it as a mask for the skin. If the skin is dry, it is better to use milk to mix.

Fruit: It can be eaten in several ways: soft (not dry at all) ripe, raw or toasted well - equipped as cakes and in many recipes.

Healing. Laxative. Anti - inflammatory.

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