vaccinum vitis-idaea

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vaccinum vitis-idaea
Family: Ericaceae.

Description: Subfrútice perennial, very branched, with the winding rhizome. The leaves are evergreen, alternate, coriaceous, elliptical, with the apex obtuse, something petiolated. The folded edge is downwards. The flowers are arranged in clusters at the ends of the branches, with the calyx and corolla tubular pentalobulado, finished with five lobes. The color of the flower is white and reddish fruit, a spherical red berries, rough, which contains seeds with plenty of albumen. The plant can reach 35 cm. tall. Is collected in June. It is common in the meadows and mountain slopes in the sun.

The leaves used parts.

Active Principles: Ericolina, arbutina, tannin, gallic acid, citric acid, sugar.

Directions: Antiseptic, antidiuretic, litóntrico, astringent.

Use: Decoction, fluid extract, tincture.

Interesting: It is a substitute for gayuba, to the point where the leaves are used for counterfeiting. The fruits are edible and pleasant. They are preparing jams and jellies. The whole plant is used for tanning operations. Given the high production of nectar is highly sought by the bees.

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