azucena  lilium candidum

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azucena  lilium candidum
The lily is a beautiful herbaceous plant with a scaly bulbs, large and white, its stem is not usually exceed meters in height and everything he appears covered with leaves, spread around and some other upright, with little wavy shape lanceolate and at the edges. The flowers are a bunch terminal and are white. This plant is characterized by its intense aroma that comes even drunk, especially at night.

Preferably one grows in gardens and pots, as it is not an indigenous plant, but that comes from the Middle East. Normally it takes a ornamental use.

This aromatic plant blooms from May onwards. For medicinal use the bulb is used in conjunction with the oil which is extracted from it. This bulb can be used both fresh and dried.

From the composition of the lily is known very little. What is known for his study is that of the epidermis of the scales bulbares an oil can be extracted whose composition is not defined. Perhaps the reason that has not been studied in depth that is from very old job that was given to this plant was purely ornamental. So it is not difficult to think that a little neglect the study of its composition. Has been popularly used as emollient, diuretic and antieczematosa.

In some old books were sent to prepare the oil with the same lily flowers of the plant (without the stamens) and with a little olive oil. All this in maceration for 3 days, after which should draw the flowers and add new ones. This operation was repeated 3 times, finally getting the real oil lily that was used to treat burns, ulcers, grains, eczema and in general, any skin disease.

It is not really a plant that today is well known for its virtues, but like many others, is part of ancient traditions and must be included in the treaties on medicinal plants. Besides, maybe tomorrow, when you go deeper into his study - possible to find some unknown virtue, or at least check any property of which he is accused. In addition to the supposed healing properties, the lily has some applications in the field of cosmetics: it has become apparent that there are bulge in certain extracts with high power bioactivante, used to regenerate the skin. What no doubt is that, within the field of horticulture, is one of the most beautiful plants in nature.

Poultice: We must collect a lily bulb and, after cleaning them well with water, handle on some ashes. Once grilled, cut into slices and applies hot on Rot, warts and boils.

Oil: As we detailed in the applications, this oil can be used to cure ulcers, abscesses, bruises, etc.

Infusion is prepared by an infusion of 3 degrees. bulb in 100 ml. boiling water. This tea is prepared and diuretic effects.

Antieczematoso. Diuretic. Emollient.

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