gentiana kochiana

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gentiana kochiana
Family: Gencianáceas.

Description: Plant root spindle bearing, virtually acaule. The leaves are arranged in a basal rosette, are oblong, lanceolate, green, with nerviación and serrated margin. Caulinares the leaves are very small, oval, opposite. The flower is about an apical short stalk with tubular Goblet the pentadentado, with small teeth and oval. Pentalobulada tubular corolla, Bluish. The fruit is a capsule bivalva with many seeds. Does not exceed 10 cm. tall. It is quite common in the siliceous alpine meadows. Is collected in June.

Used parts: The whole plant.

Chemical compounds: Genciocaulina, tannic acid, gallic acid, sugars.

Properties: antipyretic, digestive, amargotónica, colerética.

How to use: Infusion, dyeing, fluid extract, enolito.

Note: This species has properties similar to those of other gentian best known, and is used in liquor stores for the preparation of various bitter drinks. Used externally, the infusion introduced to clarify the ownership of freckles. The plant is antipyretic and manifest incompatibility with other products.

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