ribes rubrum

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ribes rubrum
Other Names:

Corinth grapes Lady.

Bush recalled that at first glance to the vine leaves by their palms and their clusters of berries hanging red and sour flavor. Very appreciated for its pleasant taste and its stimulant properties.

Habitat: from central Europe and northern Asia. Spain gives spontaneously in moist forests of the Pyrenees. Cultivated in many places, even in the American continent.

Description: no thorny shrub from 1 to 1. 5 meters in height, of the family of Saxifragáceas. Fruit, red and hanging in bunches, containing several small seeds.

Used parts: the fruits (berries)

Properties and indications: the fruits contain organic acids, sugars, mucilage and vitamin G. Has properties appetizers, digestive, depurativas, diuretics and laxatives. Containing organic acids (malic, tartaric and citric) stimulate the secretions of the stomach and intestines, facilitating and tonic whole process of digestion. The gooseberries are highly appropriate if not hungry, recovering from fever and infectious diseases, or rheumatism, gout and kidney stones.

Use: the gooseberries can be taken fresh, in compote, syrup or juice (juice) without further limit dictated by the appetite.

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