pisum sativum

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pisum sativum
Family: Papilionáceas.

Description: Plant roots with poorly developed annually, which is known varieties. Penna leaves arranged on an upright or trailing stems, which consist of two or three leaflets provided with tendrils. On the basis of the road will have two slightly rounded stipules apparent. The flowers are papilionáceas, Mushroom and axillary, which grow solitary or assembled. The fruit is a legume arched, symmetrical on both sides, slightly swollen, which holds seeds green, lined, spherical. It was widely cultivated and irrigated land requires. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: Seeds.

Proteins chemical compounds, lecithins, carbohydrates, fats, salts.

Properties: Nutritious, antidermatosis.

How to use: Flour, poultice, liparolito.

Interesting: Regardless of the importance of peas as food, has specific action against numerous skin diseases. This uses masks applied on fresh fruit skins with acne or rough. It was also prepared with the same purpose creams, which contain concentrated juices of peas.

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