xanthium occidentale

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xanthium occidentale
Other common names.


Botanical Family.



Annual herb of up to 1 m in height. Stem striated and rough. Suborbiculares broadly ovate leaves or 3 to 5 lobes, with the base more or less acorazonada of 8 to 18 cm. long and toothed. Floral chapters of about 8 mm. in diameter; involucral lanceolate bracts and hair. Capsular fruit, ovoid and thorny; spines straight and ganchudas at the apex.


Natural in southern North America and the Caribbean.


Plenty of barren land in Cuba. It's reported that interferes with many crops in the spring and summer.

Properties valued experimentally.

Without therapeutic effects verified.

Other properties attributed.

It is used in lotions and to contain bleeding Scrofulosorum and treat. Cooking the roots for the affections kidney, liver and as anticancer.


Is reported as poisonous plant for cattle younger.

Other Uses.

It suggests that the leaves off the stains of the face.

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